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pinkandprettie8's Journal

:D :D Manderz :D :D

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User Number: 795287
Date Created:2002-11-30
Number of Posts: 291

.:*NAme: Amanda .:*NIcK NAme(s):MandaPanda, Mandie and ever famous Manderz .:*AGe: 15 .:*SeX: Female .:*LOCaTioN: Roseville Michigan .:*SChOOL: RJHS .:*LOve LIfE: <3 JJ
Strengths: friendly, easy to talk to, nice, caring, funny, smart ass, cute. :)
Weaknesses: Always hungry, moody, can get vicious.
Special Skills: Drawing :D
Weapons: One very bad mouth. :D
Just like romantic verses Just like a joyous end Just like a memory It twists me You land as lightly as the new snow cinematic Onto the melting boy, and melt away You light as gently, you\'re so cinematic Bathed in your radiance, I MELT

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I don't like my boyfriend, I love him/I'm not a poser, I just like punk music/I'm not fat, I just have alot of curves/I don't ignore you, I just don't give a shit/I'm not a bitch, I'm just honest/I'm not insecure, I just don't trust people